David Suddaby Images

David Suddaby Images is a B to B company providing crew, equipment, and other logistical productions services as required to marketing agencies and production companies.  The business centers around David Suddaby being hired for his creative talent as a cinematographer.  The mantra, “Make Production Easy” and David Suddaby’s body of work has given David Suddaby Images a reputation for providing superior customer service and great creative collaboration. 

Online Digital Campaign

A three stage process starting with a review of SEO best practices and recommendations, launching a display ad campaign, and improve current social media standings.

Measurement model

Defining Audience Persona

The main target for this campaign works in the media industry in management or production, they will hold a type of Producer title.  They are typically aged 25 - 55 with an equal split between male and females.  They are social media savvy, they are joiners, collectors and critics using the platforms to keep up on artistic trends, who is up and coming in the industry, tracking behind the scenes intel, tech reviews and technology experiences.

Campaign Goals

First objective: New Prospective clients

The website David Suddaby Images serves as a first stop for new clients to view all of David’s work (commercial/corporate/music videos), read about the brand philosophy and outline the services.  A campaign will be developed to drive New Prospective Clients to the site. Toronto has been a global player in production for years.  Now more than ever content is shared globally and companies are going global to create their content.  There is a growing segment of foreign companies coming to Toronto to shoot.  The aim for this campaign was to entice these foreigners with quality product and effective operations in the Toronto market.

Second objective: stay top of mine with Existing Clients

In the production industry it’s very easy to be forgotten and it’s very competitive with new faces vying for your clients all the time.  For David Suddaby Images the goal is to keep his name top of mind, show relevance in the current creative trends, and demonstrate his proficiency as a cinematographer to consistently deliver the best creative within the time and financial constraints.  For this purpose David has a blog page where he posts reviews, stories of production experiences, and his opinions on new trends and technology. Knowing that the audience is a high social media user a FaceBook campaign will be used to target his circle of existing clients and colleagues and drive them to his blog page where he can present his expertise and keep his name buzzing. 

Landing Page Recommendations

The most appropriate landing page for this campaign is the home page.  This is a portfolio site therefore the homepage is the most logical for the audience to start so they can next select what is most relevant to their needs from there.  As a portfolio site the main page serves as a display centre like in a candy store. What candy your drawn to is often a visceral decision.  Just like what image will make you want to click and watch the video.

The positive: 

It’s vey simple, clean presentation, gives you easy navigation to get you to the place that answers the questions, who are you: About, can I trust you: Testimonials, Do you have what I want: Ideally it’s on display in one of the boxes. This page is effective in that the biggest thing it’s displaying is a set of captivating images that do make you want to click and that's is the goal.

The Negative: 

If the user did not touch their mouse they would not realize that there is a transparent vail over all the images that only clears when you run your mouse over the image.  For someone that is selling images this could a misleading prospect.  Next, if you never scrolled below the fold you would not know that other categories exist, Music Videos, Digital and Web, and Still Photography, and that there are additional lists under each of these categories not represented at all in the boxed selection displayed on page load.  

Display ads

The display ads were intended to target the new client doing a general search for cinematographers in the Toronto area, they could be foreign or local.  The first targeting parameter chosen is contextual keywords because of their proven history as successful keywords, indicated by the cookie volume of those chosen. The keywords are: Cinematographers, cinematographers Toronto, Directors of Photography, Directors of Photography Toronto, Toronto video production, web video production, video rentals and the like. The second targeting parameter is the topic of film and television production. 

This ad was designed for the target audience who will immediately understand it.  The image displays the scope of production David Suddaby Images is capable of handling, as well as suggesting a level of glamour by the model seated in the centre of the image.  The text is the company motto, taking complex productions like the one shown and makes them any easy comfortable experience for the client. In few words it says what you’ll get from this company. Finally, the company logo is reinforced with a prominent but not in your face position.

Social Media campaign ads

Platform for new prospects: Linkedin

Being a B to B company makes LinkedIn a logical platform to get in front of new clients. Linkedin being a platform to profile businesses makes it a rich resource for scoping out the companies that David Suddaby Images would be a good fit for and directly targeting them. Relationships that initially started on LinkedIn have been converted to followers on other social media platforms and then into clients. Conversion time is six to ten months.

Platform for existing clients: Facebook

Facebook is the best choice for the Existing Clients campaign because the environment is more casual than Linkedin but not as fleeting as Twitter.  This allows for a sense of familiarity while still doing business with the audience.  This is a platform used by the audience targeted by David Suddaby Images.  Some of the audience and David Suddaby Images likely follow each other.  This allows for direct targeting to them and an increased likelihood that their attention will be held long enough to follow through to his blog.