YouTube channel launch- Pitch

"On the Love it! Live it! channel we’re taking our sense of humor, a touch of attitude and gang of new faces and growing it! in the shape of new video series and playlists. We’ll jam the channel with content that’s trending, that we wish would trend, and the trends we wish would come back.

Subscribe to love the excitement, live the experience, and do it on purpose."

The mandate

The company wanted a digital presence on YouTube in support of their original brand "Love it or List it", as well create a platform that would allow for the expansion of the brand into other lifestyle genres. The project Involved developing a brand identity connected with the famous TV series and encompass the vision for their future programming.  The full spectrum included, logo channel banner design, digital marketing strategy, and original content creation.

The strategy

The BUSINESS SITUATION for the channel is ultimately defined as the organization looking to build on it’s existing platform of production by expanding it’s brand into to the digital space.  Establishing a presence online as a solid content provider with it’s own roster of talent.  The long term vision is that the online audience will only grow and sponsors/brands will gravitate more and more to the platform looking for associations that support their brand.  With an established presence Big Coat will be an inviting space for brand partners, advertisers and sponsors bringing a new revenue stream to the company.

It’s agreed that the model to define it’s place online is to create a new Youtube channel called LOVE IT! Live it! with the tag line LIFE ON PURPOSE. Initially the channel will be populated with re-edits from existing content.  

The execution for developing the online presence is executed in four phases.

Phase one: defining the brand as focusing on lifestyle but avoiding the vanilla landscape of existing content and differentiating itself with humor, character, and emotion.  The target audience was defined as 25 - 54 with a split of 60% female, 40% male.

Phase two: within the library content to be recut is: 

  • half hour animal episodes cut into 3 x 4-6 minutes segments
  • One hour documentary on cancer cut into stories featuring the each individual profiled
  • Food series re-edited to focus on amateur chefs aiming for professional standards

Phase three: prospects for new series are:

  • Potentials from the existing series.
  • Home Inspector series
  • Have a connection to well known storm chasers as a bit of adrenaline content.  
  • Yoga instructor who has created her own form of yoga for athletes called Joga, her roster of clients include some of the Raptors and Rough Riders.  
  • Chef from Food Dudes, is an upcoming chef and also happens to Indira’s cousin
  • Animal Sanctuary, Sunday adoption day as a series
  • consider Kids Think
  • Generation Y am I broke

Phase four: present launch video with social media and traditional marketing campaign:

  • promote branded istagram, twitter and facebook pages.
  • promote on corporate page, twitter and facebook feed
  • promote on affiliated broadcast titles with their twitter, instagram and facebook feeds
  • Press release for both digital and traditional industry publications
  • Boost posts, facebook ads
  • full Youtube google adwords campaign