Why Me?

Problem solver

The crafting of ideas, strategic planning, and defining the style and structure to drive experiences are all pieces of a grander picture. There is nothing I love more than solving a puzzle and seeing the final image.


For a smooth operation, I believe adaptability and flexibility combined with great care and compassion keeps priorities straight and creative judgement on track. I have high regard for team building, I inspire trust and respect to players.


I work exceptionally well in tandem with internal departments and external partners in sales, web development, video production and customer service.

results driven

Results build passion, every effort that returns a positive experience builds excitement and the drive to do it again.  ROI is my passion and drives my efforts to deliver beyond expectation.

a great experience

Having fun on the job is more than a good time at work.  I wholeheartedly believe the more you empower those around you the more they'll give back, and that translates into the intangible quality that makes the final product great. 


As a go between for agency, client and production, I put big emphasis on making sure information is kept accurate, feedback is heard, and innovative solutions found, even on the fly.